Video/TV Production for almost 30 years!

When the Snows Fall

The leaves have dropped and the snow is falling! It’s a somber and quiet time of year. Here is a collection of clips depicting that transition from Autumn to Winter, from snowfall to the magical morning after when the flakes cling to the trees. There is an abrupt transition from one piece of music to the next, it’s meant to do that! I thought it would represent the abrupt transition from snowstorm to crystal clear morning! This was mostly shot with my Sony EX1 with Letus Extreme, some V1 shots from the archives as well.

The music is “The Promise” from Michael Nyman’s soundtrack to “The Piano”, one of the most hauntingly brilliant piano pieces I’ve ever heard. After the change it goes to “First Time Outside” from the movie “Secret Garden” by Zbigniew Preisner. Buy these CDs if you can find them! I’ve had them and enjoyed them for nearly 20 years, I felt like they fit the mood perfectly for this video.


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