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Here are some testimonials I have acquired over the years!

To whom it may concern,                                    01 Nov ’07

It is my absolute honor to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Paul Frederick.  I had the opportunity to work with him during his production of “America’s Team: Being a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird.”  As the first female pilot to fly with the USAF Thunderbirds, I quickly learned media interest was going to be much higher than I had anticipated.  The USAF decided to capitalize on the moment by documenting our team’s entire 2006 season.  One look at the quality of Paul’s product and it’s readily apparent our Air Force chose wisely.  His technical capabilities are clearly visible, but what sets him apart from the rest of his peers (and believe me…I’ve interacted with hundreds) was his overall character—the ease of working with Paul, his integrity in documenting the true essence of our Thunderbird team, the obvious pride he took in his work, and his professionalism.

Truthfully, the thought of people documenting my life—on and off duty—was not initially alluring.  It’s an intense period in any Thunderbird’s life, and my experience came with a few additional unique aspects.  Honestly, I was apprehensive at first, but I knew it was my duty to do as our USAF Public Affairs had asked.  I had no idea what a positive experience being part of this documentary would turn out to be.  Once I met Paul any anxieties I had immediately disappeared.  He noticeably, from day one, communicated his vision for the documentary.  The expectations of what he was looking for were clearly stated, the organization of his plan was precise.  With this gentleman there were no surprises.  By creating an environment where everyone’s expectations are openly shared, he quickly established an instant aura of confidence and trust.

While attention on the first female Thunderbird pilot provided a catalyst, he quickly understood this documentary had to be about much more than that.  Paul delved into our team, getting to know all 130 of our talented men and women, understanding the 25 different career fields that made our team tick….they realized our mission was not about one person, but about an entire team effort.  Mr. Frederick schooled himself in our 53 year history, on all of its heritage and traditions, and became a Thunderbird himself. His final product was comprehensive and did not ‘sensationalize’ the fact that a woman was flying a plane…an achievement I personally and professionally appreciated.  Paul grasped the spirit of the Thunderbirds and projected the foundational values of our organization.  His final product demonstrates an uncompromising journalistic integrity.

I highly recommend Mr. Paul Frederick for any endeavor.  He is a gentleman of skill, kindness, integrity and character.

Nicole Malachowski, Maj, USAF
Thunderbird #3/Right Wing


“Paul Frederick is a pleasure to work with and he exceeds my expectations on every project. I am confident that he will deliver an outstanding product every time.”

Cathlyn Lamitie
Alice Hyde Medical Center


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